Sunday 25 November 2018   Holy Trinity Church, Knaresborough


Harrogate Young Carers is part of Carers’ Resource, a local charity, which offers support to young carers aged 7 to 18 living in the Harrogate District. These children’s lives are affected by having a parent or sibling with a physical or mental illness, a disability or an addiction to drugs or alcohol. They can be responsible for chores, looking after younger siblings, providing personal care, often giving emotional support and holding the family together. As so much of their time is taken up with “caring” they do not have time to play, attend after school activities or socialise with their peers and can become isolated and the target for bullies.

We offer one-to-one support at times of crisis, after school clubs during term time where the children can have break from caring and have fun and trips and activities in the school holidays.

Our Young Carer service has supported hundreds of local young carers for over 20 years and they say that while it is not possible to change their situations, being part of our project makes them feel happier and better able to cope. Our service for young carers is entirely dependent upon donations.